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Programs. Equity. Community

We are a program management company.

We grow digital public infrastructure programs and communities.

This image is of a globe in yellow colour, which symbolises that framewirk is a global company, serving clients from across the world on DPI led programs.

Who we are

Individuals, organisations and governments around the world are coming together to build a more equitable world by leveraging the power of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) and communities. The journey to achieve this equitable world is made up of several micro-movements. Collectively, these micro-movements are transformational in the impact they can deliver to people. 


Our mission is to ensure the success of these micro-movements and we deploy a program management approach to achieve this.We understand the complexity of the journey to build and grow a DPI or a community and offer end-to-end program management services to achieve success. We possess ample experience in growing Digital Public Infrastructure starting from the conceptualisation phase, identifying the initial adopters, and ultimately establishing a community-oriented approach to ensure the sustenance and expansion of the DPI.


What we do

This image contains people with the globe or earth which signifies that framewirk provides program management for population scale projects.

Program Management
for population-scale projects

We assess the needs of wide-ranging personas to manage diversity at scale and drive value for both individuals and the community as a whole

This image signifies a flywheel of community members explaining that framewirk is a leader in DPI community set up and management

Community Lifecycle Management

We co-build your DPI community including conceptualisation, launch planning & execution and operations management

This image signifies a DPI Life cycle which tells us that framewirk is a global leader in programs involving DPI lifecycle management

DPI Lifecycle Management

We hold deep expertise in building, increasing the adoption and usage of DPIs by working with thinkers, policymakers, sponsors, designers, developers and consumers

This image shows us a business related icons which signify that framewirk is a global leader in creating business models that enable livelihood for global populations.

Business Model Creation
for enabling livelihood

We specialize in designing detailed business models and templates that can be used to drive mass entrepreneurship and help build sustainable livelihoods

This image shows a community connected together with a purpose which signifies that framewirk is a global leader in creating and managing purpose driven communities

Purpose-driven crowdsourced
community creation

We help you identify, train, curate and sustain a purpose-driven, diverse and productive community of gig workers to augment your internal team capacity


Who we work with

We work with organisations pioneering population-scale, high impact programs across Mobility, Retail, Education, Health, Skilling and Livelihoods and Languages for AI logo without tagline.png
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